HMD launches trio of own phones; Pulse(+) and Pulse Pro

HMD Global, best known as a maker of Nokia phones, has released its first phones under the HMD name. But whether they will go into the history books with it remains to be seen.

The HMD Pulse is the entry-level model. Available in two colors, the Dreamy Pink version, in particular, stands out. The device features a modern-looking 6.55-inch screen with a punch hole for the 8MP selfie camera. The screen resolution doesn't exceed HD+.

Introduction of the HMD Pulse, Pulse+ and Pulse Pro

On the back of the Pulse, we find a dual camera with a 13MP primary camera doing AI HDR. HMD Global's website does not specify the dual camera, so we suspect it is an auxiliary sensor. The 5000 mAh battery can charge at 10W, so we can't call it fast charging.

Unisoc T606 from 2021

HMD Pulse inner materials
All Pulse models run a Unisoc T606 processor

The HMD Pulse is powered by a rather simple Unisoc T606 processor from 2021. We find the same chipset in the Motorola E20, Samsung Galaxy A03 and Nokia G22. These are also relatively inexpensive low-end phones.

HMD charges €139.99 for the Pulse and promises only two years of OS updates.

Pulse+ and Pulse Pro

For €20 more, the Pulse+ comes with a 50MP camera and 128GB of storage. Other than that, the device is similar to the Pulse except for the colors. With the HMD Pulse+, you can choose between Apricot Crush and Midnight Blue.

HMD Pulse Pro with better camera
Pulse+ and Pro especially have better cameras

If you're feeling even more adventurous, HMD Global also brings us the Pulse Pro. This phone features a 50MP selfie camera, 6GB of RAM, and 20W fast charging. Otherwise, the device is similar to the Pulse+, and thus largely similar to the Pulse. Yet HMD Global dares to charge €179.99 for this.

All three devices are expected to be in stores soon.

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