First HMD phones impress mostly Mother Nature

HMD Global today released its first phones under its own name. Anyone looking at the Pulse, Pulse+, and Pulse Pro specifications will be under-impressed. But this only tells one side of the story. Who is HMD trying to convince here?

A processor from 2021, only two years of Android updates, and a steep asking price. At first glance, the HMD Pulse, Pulse+ and Pulse Pro don't seem to be particularly good deals.

iFixit guide for a Nokia smartphone
Fix your phone yourself with a self-repair kit from iFixit

But the specs don't tell you that all Pulse models are made to be user-repairable. The screen, USB port, and battery, to name a few, can be replaced by the end-user using parts from iFixit. HMD calls this "Gen 1 repairability."

Self-repair kit

Self-repair kits were also available for some Nokia models made by HMD Global. We remember the Nokia G22 and G42 5G. For these, HMD also partnered with iFixit.

HMD and iFixit promise to sell parts for the Pulse series for up to 5 years. We don't know how much these parts cost; they are not listed on the website (yet). But a Nokia G22 screen costs €50, a battery €25 and a USB port €20.

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