Ice Universe: Samsung Fold 4 has less visible fold

According to a new rumor, Samsung will do something about the distinctness of the crease on the upcoming Fold 4. However, while it's not gone, it won't be that prominent.

This report comes from Twitter leaker @UniverseIce who brings us this kind of details more often. Previously, Ice Universe brought us information about the battery and cameras of the Fold 4. A phone that, at the time of writing, is still months away from being released.

UniverseIce about the crease of the Samsung Fold 4

Up till now, Samsung's foldables always had a visible crease. This is not visible when sitting right in front of an enabled screen but is visible from a side or off. Vivo announced another foldable in April of 2022 that essentially solves this problem. The Vivo X Fold features a mechanism in the hinge that tightens the screen. Samsung doesn't appear to be going the same route for the Fold 4, but according to the source, the fold is less visible than on the Fold 3.

"Looks smoother"

According to the same report, the screen of the Galaxy Fold 4 also looks smoother than its predecessor. What exactly is meant by this is still unclear. The Fold 3 already had a 120Hz screen, and we don't expect this to get any higher. Perhaps the intended processor, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, will bring the necessary speed improvements.

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