Rumors about Apple iPhone 12 Pro are pouring in

It will be many months before Apple announces its next generation of iPhones, but already rumors are pouring in. Specifications, features and what improvements we get. Exactly which ones we'd like to share with you.

Most of the information comes from this video from EverythingApplePro who collaborated with Max Weinbach. Perhaps the biggest innovation is the presence of a smooth 120Hz ProMotion display.

Phone manufacturers have recently been using screens with higher refresh rates than the usual 60Hz. Apple has used this kind of screen technology since 2017 when they retrofitted the iPad with a 120Hz ProMotion display. Oddly enough this never came to the iPhone, possibly because of the higher battery usage. But now that the competition is using it more and more, Apple doesn't want to stay behind. As a result, the iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with both a 120Hz ProMotion screen and a larger battery. Presumably with a capacity of 4,400 mAh to promise the same battery life. The iPhone 12 stays at 60Hz.

iPhone 12 Pro camera

The ProMotion screen is not the only thing the iPhone 12 Pro borrows from the iPad. The LiDAR scanner for better depth recognition is also on its way. This brings the number of camera lenses to 4. An earlier leak about smaller Face ID components suggest we get a smaller notch. Furthermore, the source reports that the Midnight Green version will be switched by a Navy Blue version, at least for the iPhone 12 Pro. Further expect some camera improvements thanks to larger sensors, among other things.

A launch is not expected before September and until then anything can happen. Our advice therefore remains; take everything with a grain of salt until Apple has officially announced the iPhone 12 Pro.

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