“Apple iPhone 12 5G comes without charger”

After removing the headphone port, Apple may have found another thing to remove. In the box of the next iPhone you won't find headphones and a charger. Scandalous or do they have a point?

In hindsight you can conclude that removing the headphone jack was a good move for most people. Some indeed don't need one or they bought wireless earplugs. Good for Apple's profits, also because it could save on components. The word on the street is now that Apple has come up with another way to boost its profits.

iPhone charger
iPhone charger: 2007 - 2019

Because by leaving out a headset and charger in the box, Apple can cut costs. Don't expect these to be passed on to consumers. Apple probably needs that money to buy 5G components. Is leaving out the charger a new scandal? It may be unusual, but it's not unique. Fairphone, the sustainable phone brand from the Netherlands, also doesn't supply a charger and cable with its phones. Not to save costs but to save the environment. Chances are you already have a charger at home.

Environmental benefits

Apple is a commercial company by nature, but every keynote it emphasizes how environmentally friendly they are. This could be the next step, one that many other companies are likely to follow. Because let's be honest, how many cables and chargers do you have laying around? No more charger and cables would save a huge mountain of waste, especially when you consider the millions of iPhones being sold every year. We just hope Apple (finally) does something about the inferior quality of its cables. They are, especially compared to some USB alternatives, too thin side and therefore break easily.

In addition to environmental benefits, leaving out the charger and headphones could break way for a completely portless iPhone in 2021. That rumor has been going around for a long time. Wireless syncing and listening to music is already commonplace and charging can be done wirelessly as well. So why don't leave out all ports? By starting leaving out a cable, charger and headphones Apple can prepare its fanbase.

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