Samsung hints at unveiling Galaxy Fold 2 on August 5

On 5 August Samsung will hold a new Unpacked event. Next to the Galaxy Note 20 and new Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Fold 2 may also be expected. Samsung is dropping hints in a new video.

Reports about the launch of the Galaxy Fold 2 are rather contradicting. According to one, it has been postponed and we don't have to expect it this year. Others, however, are sure that Samsung will reveal it during the upcoming Unpacked event. Another thinks it will only be a 5G version of the existing Galaxy Z Flip. But that last rumor does not add up with a video Samsung is sharing with us today.

Here we see the words "A New Look Unfolds". It is of course possible that Samsung is talking about the new bean-shaped Galaxy Buds that indeed look nothing like it predecessor. But it is also likely that we will get a look at the next folding mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is over a year old. Of course this is also due to the postponement of the first version but those problems seem to be largely solved. We have heard few complaints about the Z Flip.

Galaxy Fold 2 specifications

There are a lot of rumors about the Fold 2. For example, the screen on the outside goes from 4.6 to 6.23 inches and also inside it gets bigger. Possibly the screen diagonal comes out at 7.7 inches compared to 7.3 inches now. It is also obvious that Samsung uses the latest Snapdragon processor. That will be the Snapdragon 865+ that was announced at the beginning of July and will break through the 3 GHz limit for the first time. The Unpacked Event will take place on 5 August at 16:00 Dutch time.

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