Fairphone announces Fairphone 3+ with improved camera

Fairphone 3 owners can upgrade for less than €70

Fairphone has announced an upgrade of its existing Fairphone 3. The Fairphone 3+ is largely the same except for improved cameras. Both front and rear camera get some extra megapixels. Users with a Fairphone 3 can also buy the camera modules separately and install them into their existing device as an update.

The Fairphone 3+ is, as we are used to, made of recycled plastic. The 3+ now consists of 40% recycled plastic while the Fairphone 3 consists of 9% recycled plastic. The rest has remained almost the same. For example, there is still a 5.65 inch screen, Snapdragon 632 processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage memory. Differences are mainly in the cameras.

The Fairphone 3+

For example, the main rear camera goes up to 48 megapixels, which not only take sharper photos and videos, but also gets faster autofocus and improved image stabilization. This should result in less blurred images. The selfie camera is doubled in megapixels and now comes out at 16 megapixels. In addition to more megapixels, the speaker has also improved and produces louder and clearer sound.

Affordable upgrade

Interestingly, owners of a Fairphone 3 can also purchase both camera modules separately to upgrade their phone to a Fairphone 3+. Until October 1st this upgrade will cost 69,95 euro, after that 94,90 euro. A completely new phone will cost you 469 euro. Pretty steep for a phone with these specs but bear in mind how easy and affordable upgrading and repairs are

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