Samsung promises 3 generations of updates for more Android devices

Earlier Samsung made a promise that the Galaxy S10 and later will receive Android updates and upgrades for 3 generations. Now Samsung promises updates for many other Android phones and tablets as well.

It's one of the biggest annoyances with Android; updates come slowly, are not guaranteed and (sometimes) they don't come at all. Missing updates is not only annoying because you don't get the latest features of an Android version, it also fixes bugs and (much more important) security issues. As a consumer, you want to be sure that your phone, which usually contains a lot of privacy-sensitive data, is and remains safe.

Today Samsung makes a bolt promise and commits a long term update program for a large number of Galaxy devices. This mainly consists of the expensive Galaxy S, Note and Z series, but also some cheaper Galaxy A phones. Most budget models are left out of.

Three OS upgrades

In its press release Samsung mentions at least the following models. It is to be expected that its direct successors will also qualify for the long-term update program. The first to expect an OS upgrade is the Galaxy S20 that was announced in February. It was released with Android 10, but will be migrated to Android 11 later this year with all associated functions.

Galaxy S Series

Galaxy Note-series

Galaxy Z Series

Galaxy A Series

  • A71
  • A51
  • and selected future A-series devices


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