Announcement Samsung Galaxy M51 seems imminent, promises 6800mAh battery

Let's be honest, a phone battery can't be big enough. And yet manufacturers are a bit reluctant to place them in phones. They don't want their products to get too thick. Samsung don't seem to care with the upcoming Galaxy M51. Or do they?

The Galaxy M51 is anything but official, but information about the device is already popping up. And all this thanks to an approval of the American FCC where it was recently spotted. According to Sammobile the device has a 25 Watt fast charger. You will need this because the expected battery capacity is 6800 mAh. Gigantic even for mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy M51 screenshot
An earlier screenshot of the M51

If the other rumors are true, the M51 will also have a 6.5-inch OLED screen, 64MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a macro camera and a depth camera. The storage memory is 128GB large and the RAM memory is also huge at 8GB. For mid-range terms this is above average. Power is given by the Snapdragon 730. Normally Samsung chooses its own Exynos chips for this category.

Anouncement Galaxy M51

Sammobile ends its story with the expectation that the device will be announced sometime in September and will run One UI version 2.x on top up Android 10. It remains to be seen if the Samsung fansite has all the details right. Fortunately, given the expected timeline, we don't have to wait long.


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