Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports smooth 120Hz in 2K

There's a rumor about the upcoming Galaxy S21 Ultra. Just like its predecessor, the flagship has a higher refresh rate of 120Hz but this will also work in the highest resolution. If this rumor is true that is.

Samsung introduced the new smooth 120Hz refresh rate with the S20 Ultra. There was only one catch. If you wanted 120Hz you could only do that in the lower Full HD resolution. If you wanted the sharper Quad HD (2K) the refresh rate scaled back to 'only' 60Hz and you missed out on those advantages. Another drawback of 120Hz; the battery drain is higher.

Samsung 60 vs 120Hz
The difference between 60 and 120Hz

Now the question is whether Samsung has solved the latter problem, but at least the first one is solved. With the S21 Ultra you no longer have to choose between a sharper image and a higher refresh rate. You can do both according to Ice Universe. This Twitter account previously reported correct information, especially about unannounced Samsung smartphones. The combination of 120Hz and 2K will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the battery life of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but at least you will have the choice. Moreover, this doesn't have to be a problem if the device has extra fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specifications

Of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra not much is known yet. This is striking because the appearance is largely fixed. Just like other S21 models, the camera has a characteristic camera island that is somewhat raised. However, specifications have hardly been mentioned yet. There are reports of camera improvements and better performance, but that is rather obvious. We can write that about any device. We have to wait for more concrete messages or an actual announcement. The latter may happen on January 14th.

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