Launch date and place of Samsung Galaxy S24 series named

A South Korean publication cites a date when Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S24 series. In addition to a date, they also think they know the location where the next Galaxy Unpacked will take place.

According to SBS Biz, the unveiling will take place in San Francisco on Jan. 17, 2024. Galaxy Unpacked '23, where Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S23 series, was also unveiled at that location.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked '23 in San Francisco
The S23 series was also unveiled in San Francisco

A mid-January launch was mentioned before, although Samsung has yet to announce the date and place officially. An early launch of the Galaxy S24 should partially make up for the disappointing sales of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5.

AI and familiar look

According to the source, the S24 series will be equipped with several AI features and looks very similar to the Apple iPhone 15 with its flat sides. The latter is no coincidence. Apple is scoring very well with its latest generation of iPhones, and Samsung wants to get a piece of that success.

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