Samsung plans 3.9-inch small smartphone in 2024, but with a twist

The trend for phones in recent years has been: bigger is better. Apple resisted with its 4.7-inch iPhone SE for years, but even that has not been updated for several years. Samsung is coming to the rescue, but not how you might think.

According to analyst Ross Young, Samsung is currently ordering 3.9-inch large screens. These should end up in a Galaxy smartphone somewhere in 2024, and he knows which one. The screen in question is the Flip 6 from Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z series. That screen will be found on the outside, making it larger than the first-generation iPhone's 3.5-inch.

@DSCCRoss tweet about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with an expected larger cover screen

Samsung enlarged the outer screen, called the 'Cover Screen,' every other year. On the first Flip it was a meager 1.1-inches in size, on the Flip 3 it grew to 1.9-inches and the Flip 5 made a big jump to 3.4-inches. Yet it's still just not big enough to run apps full-size. Samsung opted for special widgets for now.

Big enough for full apps

That may change with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. If the outer screen is indeed stretched to 3.9 inches, that's theoretically big enough to run most apps. After all, there was a time when this was a fairly standard size. Time has proven that it can be done.

By the way, the outer screen is not the only one getting larger. The one inside also gets a growth spurt, although Ross does not report exactly how big. Currently, Samsung uses a 6.7-inch-sized flexible screen. Samsung has bothered to change the screen every two years, but if this rumor is true, then Samsung seems to be giving foldables more attention.

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