Screen details Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 come out

Some screen specifications of the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 just leaked. And Samsung has a lot in store for us this year. It wants to avoid mistakes from the past and put criticism of the original Fold to rest.

It seems like an eternity ago, but maybe you can still remember. The launch of the first Galaxy Fold was not a smooth one. The spectacular presentation was followed by a dramatic early review by tech journalists. One after the other device broke. Samsung decided to cancel the entire launch, make reinforcements, implement improvements and do damage control. The launch of 'foldables' suffered a costly dent.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 screen details

And yet this was not the end of foldable phones. In fact, it only peaked our interest. Especially because there is as much more as possible than there is now. And that's why we're always looking forward to new models. So are those of the Galaxy Fold 2. New details show that Samsung has learned from its mistakes. For example, the Fold 2 will have an UTG screen, also known as ultra thin glass. The original Fold had a layer of plastic which still feels a lot cheaper. UTG is something we saw earlier on the Z Flip which received rave reviews.

Bigger screen, higher refresh rate

The small screen in front of the Fold also seems to be a thing of the past. The 4.6 inch screen has been exchanged for a 6.23 inch one. Another improvement is that the almost ridiculously large notch on the inside gets a makeover. It remains large but possibly it goes from a 'bite' to a more discrete punch-hole. The screen size goes up from 7.3 to 7.7 inches. Possibly this is due to thinner screen bezels, but we don't rule out the possibility that the device has physically grown larger as well.

Another important advantage is the (much) higher refresh rate of 120Hz. This should provide much smoother images. The front panel stays on a more traditional 60Hz. Something that seems to be missing is an S Pen. That feature remains (for the time being) exclusive for the Note-series. Expect 5G support and an extremely high price tag. We expect a launch sometime in August, possibly at the same moment as the Note 20 series.


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