Render Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra shows few differences

In addition to product renders of the Galaxy S24, Smartprix today also released renders of the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra. And as it turns out, these hardly differ from the current S23 Ultra. Or are we missing something?

More often than not, @onleaks shows us renders of yet unannounced phones. These images go to the highest bidder, in this case Smartprix. All they want in return is a backlink. Something we are happy to give for an early look at the S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra render shared by Smartprix and Onleaks

And we immediately get the feeling that we've seen this image before. That's right because the similarities to the S23 Ultra are striking, from the camera layout to the body and screen. It is hard to believe we are looking at an entirely new device.

2024 = S year?

With this, 2024 appears to be a so-called S year for Samsung—a year that does not focus on radical new design changes but on minor optimizations. According to the source, this may include a better UWB experience to track compatible smart tags. Or an even brighter screen. From the image above, none of that becomes clear.

Lighter titanium frame

2024 may also be the year Samsung introduced a titanium frame. We have also seen this with Apple with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. This may result in a lower weight. The S23 Ultra weighs 233 grams, so a little less weight would be nice.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and other S24 models may be expected early in 2024. That's when Samsung traditionally holds its Unpacked event.

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