Apple surprises with better repairable iPhone 14

Without mentioning it, Apple has significantly changed the design of the iPhone 14, making it better repairable. This became apparent by a teardown by iFixit.

For years, iFixit has rated products on how easy they are to repair. Usually, Apple products, especially iPhones, score very low. As if Apple would rather you buy a new one instead of repairing it. Sounds crazy, we know. The iPhone 14 is different, slightly different at least. Apple's newest phone scores a 7 out of 10. Remarkably high for an iPhone.

That's because of how components are placed. Normally Apple glues the back shut and puts all the components on top of each other like a hamburger, with the screen coming last. As a result, when you need to replace something, you must remove the screen first, just until you get to the part, you need replacing. Even for a broken rear panel, you can't get around this. Making it quite cumbersome and expensive.

Somewhat easier to repair

In the iPhone 14, Apple uses a kind of middle frame on which all the components are placed. This allows the iPhone 14 to be opened from both the front and back, making components more accessible and easier to replace. The biggest internal change since the iPhone 7. This makes simple repairs much more affordable.

Self Service Repair Program

It is notable that Apple has not mentioned easier repairs for the iPhone 14. Especially since it grandly announced another repair service for customers in early 2022. Apple's Self Service Repair program consists of repair manuals, parts, and special tools but is only available to US users for now.

Earlier, Apple announced that the program would be rolled out to other countries before the end of 2022. However, at the time of writing, that has not yet happened.

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