Analyst shows Apple iPhone roadmap to 2025

Always wanted to know what screen the iPhone 17 will have in 2025? Analyst Ross Young thinks he knows the answer. He has his ear to the ground in the industry, especially those who deal with displays.

By now it should be clear that Apple is very conservative about making changes. The iPhone 15 announced last month is (by Apple standards) a pretty big change. So we shouldn't expect any major differences for now. And Ross agrees. Not until 2025 will the screen change again.

Apple iPhone Display Roadmap until 2025 by Ross Young from DSCC

The iPhone 17 will then go up in screen refresh rate. From 60 to 120Hz. That's a speed that Android smartphones around $100 are already at by now, and it allows for much smoother animations. An added benefit; it makes your phone feel much faster, although iPhones generally don't suffer much from this.


To enable 120Hz for the iPhone 17, Apple is switching from an LTPS display to an LTPO panel. Whether it can, like the current iPhone 15 Pro, switch back to 1Hz for when no motion is shown is still unknown. Knowing Apple, it won't.

Larger Pro in 2014

For Pro models, a change is already on the horizon in 2024. For example, the screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro will go up from 6.1 to 6.3 inches. In fact, the iPhone 16 Pro Max comes in at an uncomfortably large 6.9 inches.

Another change is expected the following year. By then, Apple will have managed to house most Face ID components under the screen. Only a single punch-hole will then remain visible. Apple will still use an LTPO screen of up to 120Hz for this purpose.

Source: @DSCCRoss

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