USB C port for Apple iPhone 15 series appears on photo for the first time

Apple is also switching to USB C next year, and the first evidence of this is now reaching us. A photo has surfaced showing the port on Apple's latest iPhone.

USB C is very convenient. It doesn't matter what direction you plug in the cable, you can use it for fast charging, and it's not big. That all sounds just like Apple's current Lightning port. True, but you can only use that for a few Apple products. USB C is used for thousands of products, from laptops to game controllers.

USB C port for iPhone 15 Series posted by @John011235
USB C port for the iPhone 15 Series

Apple uses USB C mainly for its MacBooks and iPads but still uses Lightning for iPhones. Since 2012, the port, with its fragile cables, has been the standard for charging your iPhone. However, that can also be done wirelessly nowadays. Apple also fully adopts USB C, albeit forced by the European Commission. That demands that every cell phone be charged with USB C. That will save many adapters and cables.

USB C vs Lightning

Because the Lightning and USB C port look so much alike, you must look closely to spot the differences. But the picture shown above from @John011235 indeed shows a USB C port. Expect to see the port back on the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

It is suggested that Apple uses a different USB version with slower speeds for the entry-level iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. This should lure customers to the more expensive Pro models—a strategy Apple uses more often, with success.

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