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OnePlus Nord (AC2003)
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128 GB
256 GB

Pro and cons OnePlus Nord

  • Competitive price
  • Smooth OLED display
  • Quadruple camera system
  • 5G support
  • Slightly less strong body

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OnePlus Nord product details

The OnePlus Nord is an entry OnePlus and is therefore sometimes jokingly called the OnePlus 8 Lite. With the Nord OnePlus returns to its roots; a competitive smartphone for a low price. Of course, this is not without compromise and in this product description we will explain exactly what choices OnePlus has made.

Future-proof choice

The very first phone from OnePlus was an absolute prize fighter. A phone with the best specs for the lowest price. Yet with each generation the price went up. Nowadays the most extensive OnePlus costs 940 euros and that is not really advantageous anymore. This OnePlus Nord puts a stop to that continuous price increase. With a competitive from-price and competitive specifications it will make it much more expensive smartphones quite difficult. The basis is like a house. A 6.44 inch Fluid AMOLED screen, 48+8+5+2MP camera system, Snapdragon 765G with 5G support and a 4115mAh large battery with Warp Charge 30T fast charging. This allows the OnePlus Nord to measure itself at points with much more expensive flagships. Including the fast and therefore smooth 90Hz screen, the same 48MP camera from the more expensive OnePlus 8, a dual selfie cam and support for 5G making it a future-proof choice.

OnePlus Nord blue overview

Flagshipworthy camera system

The 48MP camera is known from the OnePlus 8 and is equipped with optical image stabilization. It eliminates unwanted vibrations and ensures sharp and detailed shots without noise. Even in the dark. The 8MP camera is equipped with a 119° ultra-wide-angle lens for group or landscape photography. There is a 5MP depth of field camera and a 2MP macro camera for extreme close-ups. All in all, a very extensive camera system for this amount. At the forefront it is no different. In addition to a 32MP selfie camera, there is an 8MP camera with 105° ultra-wide-angle lens. The latter is useful for group movies. This gives the Nord something that even his more expensive brothers do not have.

Main OnePlus Nord specifications

  • 90Hz 6.44-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution
  • Quad Camera up to 48MP with ultra-wide-angle, depth and macro lens
  • Snapdragon 765G processor gives 5G support and features 8 to 12GB of RAM memory
  • Double selfie camera with wide-angle lens
  • 4115mAh battery with Warp Charge fast charge
  • Double nano SIM card slot

Saving on materials

There are several ways to save costs. You can use the cheese slicer where you save a little at every point or you can trade in expensive components for something cheaper; usually the processor and the camera. OnePlus takes a different approach. They have tried to keep production costs as low as possible, for example by using plastic instead of metal. Yes you read it well. The front and back are made of glass but the frame is made of plastic. Much easier, faster and cheaper to make. Disadvantage is that it is (much) softer. A scratch is made like this and it's also quite bendable. So don't sit on it. A hard cover can be a solution. OnePlus has also saved money on the official IP rating. The device is designed to be water resistant, but it is not officially waterproof. What is also missing is a stereo loudspeaker but these are all things we can do without.

OnePlus Nord in the news

Oxygenos12 F12

OnePlus Nord receives important OxygenOS update

Phone news ·

Users of a OnePlus Nord will soon receive a rather large update. This update contains numerous new features in addition to the necessary bug fixes.

The OnePlus Nord was announced in July of 2020 as the first model in the new Nord series. It's good to hear that the company is still releasing updates for a nearly two-year-old device. OnePlus has given the update for the Nord the name OxygenOS 12 F.12. The changelog lists the following changes:


  • [Added] Smart Battery Engine; extends battery life using smart algorithms
  • [Optimized] desktop icons with improved display for text
  • [Resolved] issue where sound was played abnormally
  • [Resolved] issue where sometimes spoken "OK Google" was not recognized
  • [Resolved] issue where Safe Mode popup was displayed incorrectly
  • [Resolved] issue where Camera was displayed incorrectly and crashed
  • [Resolved] issue where charging icon was displayed abnormally
  • [Updated] Android security update 2022.05

Dark mode

  • [Support] Three customizable levels for more personalized experience


  • [Added] new style options for Cards
  • [Added] access to OnePlus Scout from Shelf

Work Life Balance

  • [Added] WorkLife Balance feature under quick settings
  • [Support] automatic switching based on location, WiFi and/or time


  • [Support] switching between layouts with two-finger pinch gesture

Canvas AOD

  • [Added] new line and color styles for more personalized look
  • [Added] New brushes, strokes, and support for color adjustments
  • [Optimized] software algorithm and improved face recognition


  • [Added] HyperBoost end-to-end frame rate stabilizer
  • [Added] Speech effects preview to listen and record real-time effects

OnePlus has started rolling out OxygenOS F.12 for the Nord in India and a wider rollout is expected in the coming days. The speed of this hinges on the experience of end users. Those can let OnePlus know via a survey that can be found here: OnePlus Nord 1 OOS 12 Survey.

OnePlus Nord Ce Announcement

OnePlus to announce OnePlus Nord CE 5G on June 10

Phone news ·

The OnePlus Nord family is getting bigger on June 10. Pete Lau, the founder and CEO of the company, said so. The phone to be announced is the OnePlus Nord CE; a 5G phone that takes a lot of inspiration from the original Nord phone.

The OnePlus Nord was the first in an entirely new series. With this series, OnePlus is again trying to make price-conscious phones with appealing and desired specifications. The first Nord was a great success and was soon followed by the introduction of the even cheaper Nord N10 and N100. On June 10, we welcome a new member of the Nord family; the Nord CE

OnePlus Summer Launch Event

OnePlus announced this news itself on its Instagram account. Although the invitation doesn't talk about which device will be announced, founder and CEO Pete Lau reports to TechRadar that it will be the OnePlus North CE 5G. We may also see the introduction of the Nord N200 5G at the same time.

Core Edition

The 'CE' in the name refers to 'Core Edition', according to Lau. They've taken the original Nord back to its core and added a few features. As a result, the Nord CE should be seen more as a successor to the Nord N10 than the Nord

The introduction of yet another Nord model with a completely different name does not make things any easier. Especially because there are also rumors about a possible Nord 2. When and if it will come is still the question. For now, we wait for June 10 to see what OnePlus exactly comes up with.

OnePlus Logo

OnePlus Clover is cheaper Nord with huge battery

Rumors ·

Some time ago, OnePlus surprised us positively with the introduction of the OnePlus Nord: a cheap OnePlus with everything you may expect from a smartphone nowadays. Except for a ridiculously high price. It seems that OnePlus wants to go even lower.

Because according to the sources of AndroidCentral the OnePlus Nord will soon have a brother with an even lower price tag. Of course, we see that partly reflected in the specifications, but OnePlus has not cut back on one thing; its battery. The battery is expected to be 6000 mAh. Never before has OnePlus released a phone with such a large battery.

OnePlus logo
OnePlus wants to enter the entry-level market as well

The still unannounced device codenamed 'Clover' will run on a relatively simple Snapdragon 460 processor and thus offer no 5G support. The screen will measure a generous 6.52 inches and run an HD+ resolution. It is also not to be expected that this is an OLED screen as it is the case with the OnePlus Nord. The obvious reason here; keeping the price low which should be around 200 dollars.

Entry-level OnePlus

OnePlus would install a 13 + 2 + 2 megapixel triple camera system on the back. One camera module less than the Nord. All in all this sounds like very 'entry-level' to us and that seems to be a market that OnePlus has not served before. Now the OnePlus Nord is pretty popular at the moment so maybe there is something to be gained at the bottom of the market as well. Don't expect the 'Clover' until later this year, although it is unclear where exactly.

OnePlus Nord blue grey

OnePlus Nord official: finally another ‘cheap’ OnePlus

Phone news ·

OnePlus announced the long awaited OnePlus Nord during an interesting VR presentation. A mid-range device with a competitive price and still some interesting features. Which exactly and how much the device cost is something you will read here.

OnePlus managed to build a hype around the Nord before the launch. A lot was already known, except for one thing: the price. The entry level model with 8 GB of RAM memory and 128 GB storage costs 399 euro. For a mid-range device with these kind of features, this is a very competitive price. There is also a model with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage that costs 499 euro.

OnePlus Nord in Blue Marble and Gray Onyx
The OnePlus Nord in Blue Marble and Gray Onyx

Both versions are equipped with a 6.44-inch Fluid AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution. Images are full color, sharp and fast thanks to the 90Hz refresh rate. Just as fast as the much more expensive OnePlus 8. But the OnePlus Nord shares more features of its bigger brother. For example, it is equipped with the same 48 megapixel Sony sensor including a bright f/1.75 lens. The Nord even has an extra selfie camera with wide-angle lens for group selfies.

Differences with the OnePlus 8

There are also differences. For example, the Nord works with a slightly less powerful Snapdragon 765G 5G processor. Yet OnePlus promises the same user experience we are used to. This is achieved by OxygenOS 10.5 which is based on Android 10. Due to numerous speed optimizations it should feel snappy and smooth. Another difference is that a headphone jack is missing, as well as stereo speakers and an official waterproof certificate.

Buy the OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nord can be ordered immediately in the colors Blue Marble and Gray Onyx. The first samples will be delivered starting from August 4. As mentioned before, the entry-level model with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB (non expandable) storage costs 399 euro. The variant with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB should cost 499 euro. Still quite decent for such a mid-range device.

OnePlus New Beginnings

OnePlus announces cheaper line of smartphones

Phone news ·

With each passing year, OnePlus' phones became a bit more expensive. The company wants to do something about this. Without showing even one phone, it announces a new line of affordable smartphones.

OnePlus announces cheaper line of smartphones

Probably OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is referring in his mail to the OnePlus Nord or "8 Lite" or any other name. The cheaper brother of the OnePlus 8 should eventually consist of a whole new line characterized by its low price. With this, OnePlus wants to return to its roots. The first OnePlus was a real flagship killer. High-end hardware for a very competitive price. But just like many other manufacturers, its prices have gone up reaching almost a thousand dollars.

Details still unknown

Details about OnePlus' new series are not yet available. No products have been announced yet and we don't know specifications yet. Even a price is still unknown. OnePlus does say that it will first release the new series in Europe and India. This means that North and South America have to be patient. Although there is also a possibility that the new series will not come out at all. As soon as we know more about the new OnePlus phones you can read it here.

OnePlus Z Truetech

Possible OnePlus Nord captured on photo

Rumors ·

A photo has appeared showing the future OnePlus Nord. The cheaper OnePlus 8 model was supposed to be announced at the same time as the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro but was postponed due to outbreak of the coronavirus.

The OnePlus Nord was previously known as the OnePlus Z and OnePlus 8 Lite. In our opinion a more logical name because it describes the phone perfectly. A model with a flat screen, lower price and less powerful processor and therefore a bit simplier than the OnePlus 8.

OnePlus Nord
The alleged OnePlus Z

A photo of the device emerged at It shows a working device with built-in fingerprint recognition. That display is an Optic AMOLED with 6.4 inches in diameter. It has a 90 Hz refresh rate and is completely flat unlike the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. The punch-hole is center aligned. OnePlus placed the punch-hole selfie camera in the left corner for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000L: striking processor selection

The camera system consist of three sensors; 48 + 16 and 12 megapixels. That's not bad for a mid-range device that this Z expected to be. The biggest surprise seems to be the CPU choice. OnePlus does not chooses a Snapdragon chip but the MediaTek Dimensity 1000L. This is a 5G chip that has 8 GB of RAM memory at its disposal. The battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh.

The OnePlus Z is due to be announced sometime in July and will then take on the Pixel 4a and iPhone SE 2020.

Most important OnePlus Nord specifications

Dimensions 158.3 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm
Weight 184 grams
Item ID AC2003
Codename OnePlus Avicii
EAN code 7423410251245, 7423410244278, 7423410236228, 7423410230226, 7423410226212, 6921815611783, 6921815611776, 6921815611769, 6921815611752, 6921815611745, 5413729237186, 5413729236219, 5413729236202, 5413729236196, 5413729236189 Show 1 more, 5413729236196, 5413729236189
Fingerprint recognition
Operating system
Android 10
Color display 6.44 inch, Fluid AMOLED, hole-punch display
Camera 2 MP, 48 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP
Processor 2.4 GHz, octa core
Secondary camera 32 MP, 8 MP
Dual SIM
Data network
4G (LTE)
Build-in memory
Internal memory 12 GB (Size (RAM)), 8 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)
Memory card slot
Power supply
Battery 4115 mAh
Fast charging
Audio jack plug

All OnePlus Nord specifications

Video's about the OnePlus Nord

In this video, our merry friend Chris tests the Nord 2T 5G from OnePlus. A first T version of a Nord model. Is it something or should you pass it up?

No expense was spared to make this video about the OnePlus Nord 2 5G. Where does the device and the idea behind it actually come from? Be amazed and watch this 9 minute video

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Is the OnePlus Nord CE 5G just another inexpensive OnePlus phone of which there are already so many. Yes, but still there is reason to think that this might be the sales topper of 2021. Our friends at GSMArena explain why.

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G offers everything you want in a phone for less money. So it seems or not? OnePlus explains why it's going back to basics with this Nord Core Edition. Again!

Alternatives of the OnePlus Nord

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OnePlus Nord (AC2003)
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (G981)
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (G986)
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (G781)

Photos relative in size

 Current product   
Fingerprint recognition
Color display6.44 inch, Fluid AMOLED, hole-punch display6.2 inch, Infinity-O Display, hole-punch display6.7 inch, Infinity-O Display, hole-punch display6.5 inch, Infinity-O Display, hole-punch display
Camera2 MP, 48 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP12 MP, 12 MP, 64 MP12 MP, 12 MP, 64 MP12 MP, 12 MP, 8 MP
Processor2.4 GHz, octa coreOcta coreOcta coreQualcomm Snapdragon 865, octa core
Secondary camera32 MP, 8 MP10 MP10 MP32 MP
Dual SIM
4G (LTE)
Internal memory12 GB (Size (RAM)), 8 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)12 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage)12 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage)6 GB (Size (RAM)), 8 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage)
Memory card slot
Battery4115 mAh4000 mAh4500 mAh4500 mAh
Fast charging
Audio jack plug

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