Huge Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leak: 120Hz screen and S Pen

Samsung seems to have big plans for the Galaxy Fold 2; the device that folds open and closes like a book. A tweet has turned up with some specifications of the future device. Samsung seems to have everything it needs to live up to the towering expectations of foldables.

The future Galaxy Fold 2 appears to be the love child of the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Note 10. It seems to merge many properties of these 2 devices. Think of a smooth 120 Hz screen and built-in S Pen support. This makes the Fold 2 more or less like a memberof the Note family. Considering the enormous screen surface this seems like a logical step.

Just like the Z Flip Samsung will make use of ultra thin glass, also called UTG. It remains to be seen whether this device is still equipped with a plastic protection layer, but in general UTG feels more premium than a screen made solely of plastic. The successor to the Galaxy Fold will have a slightly larger screen size of 7.59 inches and has S Pen support we know and love from the Note-family. The selfie camera is also a lot more subtle. In the first Fold, a big bite was taken out of the screen to accommodate him. For the 2nd generation Fold a more refined screen hole is used. This seems to make the double selfiecam a thing of the past.

Announcement Galaxy Fold 2

The question is whether all these specifications will become reality. Possibly that question will remain unanswered for a while, because the Galaxy Fold has only been on sale here for a few months. A quick announcement is not obvious, especially with the coronavirus outbreak. That gives Samsung some time to work on improvement. The screen diagonal on the front, for example. It is said to go from 4.6 to 6.23 inches.

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