Samsung extends support for Galaxy phones

Four years of security updates for selected products

Samsung has extended the duration in which it provides security updates to key Galaxy products to 4 years. The products in question are from 2019 and in the Galaxy Z, S, Note, A, M, XCover and Tab series.

This is good news for current Galaxy users and those considering a Galaxy product. It ensures that your phone or tablet is safe and up to date for a longer period. Samsung is planning to roll out these updates on a monthly and quarterly basis. Still, a security update is a different than an Android update.

Samsung Secured by Knox

A security update fixes security issues that can be exploited by hackers. An Android update includes new features and improvements. As far as Android updates are concerned, Samsung still tries to provide 3-year updates for its most important products. This gives Samsung a clear advantage over other Android manufacturers. In some cases you only get 1 major Android update, not to mention monthly security updates.

Selected Galaxy products

The Galaxy products that receive 4 years of updates are:

Android One and Pixel

Samsung is also taking away the advantage that Android One phones have. They can receive multi-year Android and security updates. Nokia especially brings out Android One phones. Google Pixel phones can also count on multi-year updates, and this move gives them an extra competitor.

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